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Turning Point Academy

Technical Skills Training and Employment Services
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Welcome to
Turning Point Academy
We're glad you are here!
There comes a time in everyone's life we must make some critical decisions about our future.

It is also called reaching a turning point.

If you have decided to turn your life around with education and employment, perhaps we can help you.

Turning Point Academy offers specialized occupational training which prepares you academically for a state license or
certification testing.


Certification Preparedness

A certification is a coveted distinction among your peers and the most powerful tool used for career advancement

Employer Valued Training

Giving you a competitive edge in the workforce


Technical Skills Training

Transitions Made Easy


what College Graduates learn!
 what College Graduates earn!




Employment        Readiness System        



Transitions Made Easy



Certification Preparedness

Focused Training



Certification Preparedness

Focused Learning



Short Term Training

    for a Lifetime of   Success





Our commitment to you is Specialized Skills Training and Job Placement Assistance

Marketable Skills

We provide skills you can utilize anywhere in the world or--any State you choose


We Train & Teach

Industry Standards

Principals and Ethics


              Cognitive Intellectual and

                 Technical Skills Training

Work Force Development
  Working Solutions

                            for the
   New Work Force